M. Ransdor, L. Hohoš, M. Hrubec, P. Dinuš na konferencii Beyond Capitalism. From Theory to Practice v Bruseli

štvrtok, 30. január 2014 - 9:00


30 January 2014, 09.00-12.30 & 15.00-18.30, ASP 1G-2

Draft Program of Conference

09.00 Introductory word.
MEP Gabi Zimmer, President of GUE/NGL

09.15 Words to theme.
MEP Alfred Rubiks     

10.30 Crisis of Capitalism and Capitalism in Crisis.
MEP Miloslav Ransdorf

11.15 Discussion

11.30 Can the anticapitalist alternative be the "European dream"?
Ladislav Hohoš (Faculty of Philosophy, Comenius University, Bratislava)

12.15  Discussion

12.30 Lunch break

15.00 Sense of economic democracy: On the way to a post-capitalistic society.
Marek Hrubec (Centre of Global Studies in Prague)

15.45  Discussion

16.00 Selected problems of some capitalist reflections from the point of view of its overcoming. Peter Dinuš (Institute of Political Science of the Slovak Academy of Science)

16.45 Discussion, Concluding words

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